International freight forwarding training program


Many years of experience running a Freight Forwarding training program, is now being transformed into a international program, for students all over the world.

A program developed and executed by Danish Freight Forwarders Association in collaboration with International Business College Kolding in Denmark.

Our history is, that for more than 30 years, Danish Freight Forwarders and 3 tradeschools in Denmark, have held a two-year training program to become a certified freight forwarder.

Since we started, more than 10.000 students have succesfully graduated, and has been an essential cornerstone in the danish freight forwarding industry.

Currently danish educated freight forwarders are using their skills globally around the world.

Our experience, knowledge and competencies we have gathered over the years, is now being offered to an international audience in a training program, consisting of 4 modules online.

Teaching staff:

Mads Højgaard, International Business College: Mads is one of the primary teachers you will meet on the international freight forwarder program. Mads has extensive experience in teaching freight forwarding, and has been teaching freight forwarders full-time at International Business College for almost 2 years. Before that, Mads taught warehousing and logistics at other schools in Denmark. Mads is a certified freight forwarder, and has previously worked for Dachser, and has attended Dachser’s own university – Dachser University.

Malene Pugh Østergaard, International Business College: The second of the two primary teachers you will meet at the training. Malene is a certified freight forwarder and has over 15 years of experience in the logistics industry, both as a freight forwarder and logistics manager. Since 2020, Malene has been teaching freight forwarders at the International Business College. She currently teaches logistics, international trade and sales

Rasmus Køie, Attorny at law, Danish Freight Forwarders Association: Rasmus has more than 20 years of experience, both as a lawyer specialising in transport law and as a lecturer in transport law on both the Danish freight forwarder apprenticeship programme and the Bachelor’s degree programme in freight forwarding. Rasmus teaches on module 3.

Line Nordberg, Costums Specialist: Line has worked as a customs specialist in the Danish shipping industry for many years. In addition, she has many years of experience teaching customs to Danish freight forwarder trainees. Both at International Business College and Aarhus Business College. Line teaches customs on module 3.


Introduction to freight forwarding

Teacher: International Business College, Denmark.

  • General forwarding
  • Conversion factors
  • Incoterms
  • Transport insurance
  • Freight calculation
  • Pallets and rules regarding wooden packaging

Logistics / Warehouse management / terminals

Teacher: International Business College, Denmark.

  • Introduction to logistics
  • Supply Chain Management and VMI
  • Just-in-time and outsourcing
  • LEAN
  • Benchmarking
  • Terminal and warehouse setup

Law and International Trade

Teacher: International Business College, Denmark, Line Nordberg & Rasmus Køie, Attorney at law, Danish Freight Forwarders.

  • CMR Convention
  • International trade
  • Customs and customs documents
  • Free trade and free trade agreements

Road and rail transport in Europe

Teacher: International Business College, Denmark.

  • Road and rail transport
  • Transport equipment
  • Permits / Weight and dimensions
  • Climate and environmental zones
  • Driving rest and time rules
  • Cabotage
  • Planning

Practical information


The program consists of 4 modules – each modul consits of 6 days live teaching from 09.00 -12.30 CET.

The entire course extends over a 6 months period, and to graduate, you will have to pass an exam following each module.


All teaching is online, so it is possible with a global audience. The teaching and all hand outs is of course in English.


Members of Danish Freight Forwarders Association and Sweden Transportindustriförbundet: DKK 20.995,- ex. VAT per person.

Non members: DKK 23.995,- ex. VAT per person.

The price includes teaching, material/hand outs and exams. There are a minimum of 12 participants per class.

Deadline for sign up

Latest sign up is march 10th 2024. Cancellation is free up to 14 days before the event starts. To participate, press “Tilmelding” below

About Danish Freight Forwarders

Danish Freight Forwarders Association is a member organization representing most of the professional freight forwarding industry in Denmark. A industry who plan and deal with transport and logistics services as a link between the trade and manufacturing sector and the transportation industry.

The transport and logistics industry in Denmark employs more than 150,000 people and raises the surplus on the balance of payments by dkr. 40 billion annually

If you have any questions, pls send an e-mail to Jakob Størling at Danish Freight Forwarders Association at


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